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Mission Statement –  

The mission  statement of 2nd Chance for New Beginnings, Inc is 

  • Incorporating life skills with authority, poise, and strength to change lives within communities for the better. All while ensuring our motto “Understand me, care for me, love me, hear me, be there for me.” In order to achieve this with our support system, 2nd Chance will incorporate the following principles:
  • 2nd– Giving another opportunity.
  • Commitment – Give inspiration, build relationships, and instill a sense of hope for the future. 
  • Healing – Helping our youth to heal from life’s tragedies
  • Achievement – Reach goals and higher heights set by both teams
  • Nourishment – Provide Nourishment 
  • Creating – A new path in life to a new beginning. 
  • Empowerment – Empowerment through establishing goals and being committed. 


 As we grow our organization, there is a plan to have a summer camp for kids that will enrich their minds with Entrepreneurship classes as well as Technology and programming classes.  We will also gear up for a stuff the buss campaign, that will help provide backpacks and supplies for students. Last but not least our Dwynell Mitchell Scholarship Award in loving memory of our beloved coach who gave selfless of himself and touched the heart and lives of many! We will now be partnering with FreshKoncepts to help give back to our communities! 

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