2nd Chance for New Beginnings, Inc

About Us

Photo by Zun Zun on Pexels.com


So many repeated failures have occurred within classrooms and communities that has allowed destructive habits to form at an early age. In order to transform their lives, our youths must be in a loving nurturing environment that is conducive to learning that will allow them to put their best foot forward at all times while instilling morals and values. Achieving this through restructuring, restoring, and encouragement!


Be a voice, advocate for our communities through our non profit organization.Understand me, care for me, love me, hear me, and please be there for me! Our Vision Statement is Bridging the gap in our communities by being a helping hand to one another by helping out when it seems no one else cars to help by being there when it counts the most!


 Sometimes people with the worst pasts end up creating the best futures! Through donations and volunteers to our non profit organization, our organization can help provide intervention and education resources through out the Fulton, Tyrone and Fayette Georgia counties areas. 

Let’s build something together.

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